5 YouTube Home Workouts to Smash Your Fitness Goals

Home Workouts

No gym? No problem. If there’s anything we can take away from 2020, it’s that fitness at home IS possible. Just like masks, home workouts are becoming the new norm. Ditch the weights, you’re guaranteed to feel the burn with these HIIT-based bodyweight-only workouts.

Chloe Ting

Get Abs in 2 WEEKS | Abs Workout Challenge - YouTube

Chloe Ting is an Australian YouTuber that has amassed a large following. Her home workouts have been touted to be extremely effective, with many people showing their ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures. The moves can be repetitive after awhile, so I would mix her videos up to get some variation. However, she is very motivating, which is great for those of us who give up a little too fast. While she touts you can get abs in two weeks following her workout, trust us, it takes a bit longer than that.

Natacha Océane


Natacha Océane is a British YouTuber who bases her workouts on science. She has a range of videos, from strength-based to HIIT. She also explains the science behind certain phenomena, which is informative for those beginning their exercise journey. Her videos are also tailored to small spaces, which is great for those who are worried about making too much noise. The difficulty is intermediate, it provides a challenge without being too overwhelming.

Lilly Sabri

LOSE FAT in 7 days Lilly Sabri | Home Workouts

Lilly Sabri is a British physiotherapist, and she uses her extensive knowledge of the exercise scene to formulate workouts that are effective and safe. She talks you through the workout, which is great for those with little or no experience. Modifications are also provided for certain difficult moves, meaning it’s accessible to people of different fitness backgrounds.

Pamela Reif

20 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT - Intense Version / No Equipment I Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif is German YouTuber. If you’re a fan of no-nonsense workouts, Pamela Reif will get you going. Her workouts can be a little intense; there are no breaks between exercises! She also doesn’t explain how to do the movements, so you’ll have to be a little sure of yourself before embarking on her workouts. If you’re an exercise veteran, you’ll have no problem. Points for a great exercise playlist, too!


15 MIN DANCE PARTY Home Workout

If you’re a fan of dancing, you’ll love MadFit and her dance workouts. This Canadian YouTuber has been a dancer for most of her life, so you can bet she knows what she’s doing when it comes to dancing. She also has other videos ranging from HIIT-based workouts to strength training. Her workouts are apartment optimised, so small spaces aren’t an issue. There’s also plenty of guidance when it comes to proper form, so this is great for beginners!

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